Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Grammar rant

This is in regards to my RPG addiction (and the ones I'm following are enough, thank you. :))

I'm seeing a persistent grammatical error in pretty much all of them and it's driving me *nuts*.

Do people not learn about cases in school anymore?

Oh, right. Well, it's actually important.

"I' is subjective, "me" is objective. Now, no one is writing "Me went to class and snogged my boyfriend."

Thank goodness.

What they are writing are "Professor Snape caught Draco and I snogging."

If it's in predicate of the sentence, it's probably objective case.

I can guess what causes the confusion - the fact that it seems that word "me" is outlawed plus adding another person. So, take away the other person. If the pronoun "I" now sounds silly, or doesn't make sense, it's probably meant to be "me". "Professor Snape caught I snogging" doesn't work very well. :) (Even laying aside the action involved.)

This is basic stuff, folks. I can forgive something that happens rarely, but it happens *everywhere*.

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