Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

And it's not over yet...

This day did not go as well as it could have....

It started out fine. I got up a tad early, and watched Buffy. Nice and sniffly and well done for a change. And, as I'm totally unspoiled, I have no idea what the promo meant. But that's okay. And I even watched some of the Frontier House. I have a lot to say about the Frontier House, so I'll wait until it's over.

And I took my shower and I got on line. Stupid thing number one. It took my attention to a degree that I got dressed later than I wanted.

As I was getting dressed, I heard a tremendous crash. What was it? Our coffee pot. To be precise, it's a French press beaker that we use as the carafe for our stove top Melitta. We pour hot water over a filter cone of ground coffee. Comes out delicious, and we like the low tech aspect.

Except. Beaker glass. Beaker now broken. All over the kitchen floor. In a house with barefoot people. Jonathan left the kitchen unscathed and put on his sneakers and cleaned up the glass. Except, instead of taking care of the little shards with our handvac, he decided to use a wet sponge mop. Which, if it had worked, would have ruined it. However, it turned out we need a new mop anyway.

So I told him to check out the local hardware store, which sells both replacement carafes *and* sponge mops. He didn't, as it turns out.

Despite everything, I left the house at what should have been a reasonable time. Just in time to see my bus pull away because no one was waiting at the stop. Otherwise, I *might* have caught it. However, it was still early, and the next bus wasn't all that far behind. Or so I told myself. Right, sure. Ten minutes late, the next bus pulled in. I was all set to call a cab or something. Instead, I got on the bus. Big mistake. Bus made decent time, but still didn't get to the final stop until five to ten. Work is at 10AM.

Okay, I thought. I'll take the connecting bus that I normally don't because it comes so rarely, but will take me almost to my office door. This is reasonable because the schedule calls for it to arrive at that stop at 9:59. Right, sure. It was *early*. Instead, I took a different bus that left me a long block from my office but was faster and easier than walking. I did try to call, but the phone wouldn't take my quarters and I'd left my cell at home.

I was fifteen minutes late. I *hate* being late. However, the more easy going of my bosses was the one there. The other was, unfortunately, at a funeral. And I got right to work and got all my work done, too, leaving a clean slate for the Thursday - Friday secretary. I only work Monday to Wednesday. Still. I hate being late.

Spent the day doing annoying computer things and calling help desks and all, but it was actually interesting, so that's fine.

Everything else was actually fine. Got my comics, got a strap for my pretty new cane (which I also left home today. Which I needed today. *Sigh* I don't need it everyday, but I've been needing it more lately.) Got some other books. The bus in front of the book store picked me up at a reasonable time and while I just missed a train when I got to the subway, that wasn't so bad. It was an express, and I was heading for a local stop. And I got what I wanted at the food store. The hardware store *was* closed, but I'll get the things tomorrow. And the local fast food place makes delicious fried dumplings.

So, we will see.

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