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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Today I survived the inlaws.

Okay, it wasn't as bad as all that. They *are* lovely people, after all.

My husband deserves a great deal of credit. He did the housecleaning, and given the state of the house and the time constraints, he did a wonderful job. Me, I shopped and went to Pak-ua improvement class (twenty minutes late. :( ) and wrote a short short for an rpg and helped pick things up and changed the kitchen and made dinner.

Far less labor intensive than cleaning and vacuuming.

Dinner was baked salmon with yogurt dill sauce and a mixed salad. I baked the salmon filet on Friday, very simply with lemon-pepper and a spritz of pam, and stored it in the fridge until today. The sauce was two containers of lowfat plain yogurt and a chopped bunch of dill mixed and allowed to sit in the fridge.

The salad was two packages of European mix salad, two chopped kirby cucumbers, a minced red onion, a cubed avocado, almond slivers, black olives and cherry tomatoes in a vinaigrette of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and dried basil. I made up plates with the salad on one side and a cold filet of salmon topped with sauce on the other. We drank water, and I put out an onion foccacio (store bought) cut into wedges. Everyone had seconds of salad and Jonathan finished it. Dessert was a slice of cantelope with a couple tablespoons raspberry swirl low sugar ice cream, plus decaf coffee.

I was trying for light, elegant, cold and low carb. I think I managed it.

Then we chatted pleasantly and they left in time for my husband to get to evening services so it was all good.


That sounds like a fabulous spread.
What are kirby cucumbers, though? I'm picturing in my mind the little pink video game guy Kirby (who is basically an animated pink ball) as a cucumber. Kind of a round green thing.
Is that it?

These are the small unwaxed cucumbers that sort of look like unprocessed pickles. They have a drier texture and don't need peeling.

i'd like to use your yummy salmon idea for shavuos....can you explain to me how to make it??