Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Minor bits.

I have the pocketLJ thing on my Palm now. It works quite well. So I'll do running commentary on it as I observe the Holy Fannish Rite of Smallville and (sob)Angel, while the VCR in the bedroom watches West Wing and the final Lenny episode of L&O. This is for my husband who is attending a yeshiva dinner tonight.

That's a cute story. My husband is active on a pair of mailing lists called "Avodah" and "Arevim." Avodah is for serious religious topics. Arevim is where the off-topic posts, the trolls and the flamewars get sent. Arevim is moderated. One of the moderators lives in our area. He's being honored at this Yeshiva dinner. So, at the suggestion of another listmember, my husband collected funds and purchased a full page ad in the dinner journal. I watched it grow from quarter to full as the donations poured in. And the man in question deserves it, too. Full page ad comes with two tickets to the dinner. Of course, Jonathan got one - he did work hard. The other one is going to the owner of the lists. The head of the yeshiva was wondering why Jonathan wasn't taking his wife and offered a third ticket for me, which was lovely of him. But I'm still not going.

On my way home from work yesterday, a mother and son sat behind me on the bus. She spent most of the trip reading out loud to him, which normally I'd be thrilled with. It was Order of the Phoenix, which struck me as a tad advanced, but "Eli" isn't my kid, and, again. Good book.

But. She read badly - too fast and swallowing her words. I'm reading it now and I know it very well and I could hardly follow. But I had to follow because it was a book being read aloud. And then.

Then she called Sirius "Cyrus".

Boy is she going to feel silly when the movie comes out.

She did say Hermione's name correctly, though.

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