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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

On Shabbos, I thought it was allergies - runny nose, closed up throat. But the Zyrtec didn't help and by nightfall, I knew I had a cold. Which, since my sinuses got infected, would probably mean a nasty headache.

And so it was Sunday morning. The Sunday morning I was planning to use to start my Shavuot shopping. Nope. Nor did I go to my pakua improvement class. Given that I was knocked out with Benadryl, wasn't going to happen. Sinus headaches can mimic migraines, including nausea. I tossed the tea with lemon and splenda my husband made me before he went to his class (and he was willing to stay home.) That helped, but it also solidified my dislike for splenda. It tasted bad, um. Both ways. However, I did feel better after.

Around 9PM, I felt something weird. Then I realized that it was a chill. I took my temperature. I had a mild fever - not bad enough for Jonathan to miss his daf yomi class. Except I kept feeling worse and worse and took it again, and it was 100.2F. My normal temperature is pretty consistently 97.4. So, yeah. It climbed to 100.8 before the Advil kicked in and it started to go down. My mother-in-law called around then for other reasons and she said I should go to the doctor today if it doesn't stay down.

Plus I look awful - not only did I get the broken capillaries that I now *always* get when I throw up, but I have this strange red rash under my chin. It's not itchy like the rosecea, nor is it raised. I only know it's there because Jonathan told me and I looked in the mirror.

The fever was down this morning to pretty much normal, but I'm still sneezy and drippy and weak. I didn't eat much yesterday and fever takes a lot out, so I'm home today.

Which means the rest of the shopping that I was going to do today I'm not going to do, and I canceled my guests for Wednesday. It's purely awful to be this sick right before a holiday. I think I'll take tomorrow off regardless of how I feel. If I'm well enough, I can get the food for us. Still no guests, though. I'll be lucky if I get to shul on Thursday, which is yizkor.

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Refuah sheleimah.


Hope you feel better soon!

Aw, hey, refuah shleimah from me too. I used to get sick every yom tov like clockwork >< though with me it was the food.

I guess it's a dumb thing to say, but don't work too hard on the food... and I really hope you can make Yizkor.

Husband is buying the food - makings of no-boil lasagna plus chicken filet. Nothing really hard.

And I'm feeling well enough that if I take it easy on the first day, I should make yizkor the second.

And my guests? Offered to cook for me. :)

And my guests? Offered to cook for me. :)

Good guests!

I hope you're feeling better soon and that this doesn't screw up the chag for you.