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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I sound more or less like a frog, so it's a good thing that receptionist lady stayed home today. That and I get a little shaky walking across the apartment. Jonathan bought the things I need to cook the four meals for Shavuot - the only thing that needs ot be cooked today is the lasagna. I figure I can do that in easy steps and I don't have to cook the pasta, so I'm set for that. That's two meals since I canceled the guests. Omelettes are easy, and I don't plan on going to shul tomorrow. I have to try to go on Thursday, which is yizkor (memorial for the dead. I miss you, Daddy.) but I figure two more days of more or less vegging will make it possible.

Lesson to be learned? Always have some sort of contingency in case these things happen. I'll have to think about this, and maybe brainstorm on aishet_sheretz about what one can do in this sort of emergency. Although we do have it easier here - a full range of take out and restaurants plus friends who can take us in or provide meals if we need them.- not everyone has our resources, and we'd rather not rely on them ourselves.

Because you can't time getting sick. As many of you know all too well.


sounds like you might have what i do. ick.

You don't know me, and I actually found you in an exceedingly roundabout way involving Batman, a demon-summoning and an elf, but, er-- it's nice to see another Orthodox Jew in livejournal/fandom :) *waves dorkily*

There's a whole bunch of us here. You might want to check out weirdjews2 for a good cross section.

How *did* you find me?

Er...well...my best friend, eldarwannabe, posted a rant about how lovely and amazing and diverse Judaism is, and brought you up as an example (without mentioning your journal name), and then batyatoon commented and mentioned your journal name, and so, being the extremely talkative and overly-forward person that I am, I decided to come clutter up your journal with comment-spam.
(The Batman, demon-summoning, and elf are all minor details.)