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I made it to yizkor. Barely.

I did *not* spend the first night of Shavuot awake, but my husband did. And I did not go to shul that day at all, but by that night I was feeling much better, and even more so this morning.

And I put on my new navy blue suit and walked with my husband to synagogue - a five minute walk. And halfway there, I started to feel funny. I should have turned around and gone home, but, you know. Yizkor. Memorial for the dead. Daddy. You don't actually need a minyan, but.

I got there, and figured I'd sit more than usual - normally, I stand for the repetition of the Amida, the standing prayer, when most people sit. I'd sit. I'd sit unless I had to stand. And, anyway, I got there and got caught up in time for the reading of the Book of Ruth and the Torah reading - plenty of sitting time, right?


I had to clutch chair backs to stand - I was dizzy and lightheaded and weak. So, right after yizkor, before the additional service, we left. I leaned on my husband's arm all the way home.

I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow. I called (yes, on yom tov) and made an appointment for tomorrow morning. Only it's my doctor, who is out for a few days. It's his partner, the dermatologist. *Sigh*.

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