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Stayed home all day Shabbos. Which has it's own problems since Shabbat now ends at 9PM. When I'm normal, I go to synagogue in the morning, take a nap in the afternoon and then go to a friend's house for some Torah discussion. This ends around seven or maybe later, and so I have enough to do.

But I wasn't going to shul, and I wasn't walking even further to go to my friend's house, and we weren't going to have guests for lunch, so lunch would take a half hour, tops. And daavening by myself only takes fifteen minutes. And I knew all of this on Friday.

So I spent part of Friday downloading and printing out fic - I made a collection of short stories, and another of stories by one writer plus an extra that someone had set in her universe, and I asked my husband to take a longer story that had been posted in parts and print it at work (he has ways to make it easier and faster). I thought I had enough to be going on with.

I was wrong. I finished the first packet (25 pages squished squished from over 100) before my husband came home from synagogue (granted, I'd started the night before.) And I devoured all but the last one by lunch time.

This meant rationing - finding other things to read. I did - we get part of the Sunday NYT on Saturday, so I can read the magazine and the book review and the Arts page. Jonathan gets Slate and Salon on paper. We also get Yated, which is a very "black hat" Orthodox paper. And I read slowly. And I tried to nap. And, well. I tried. I knew I had a house full of books I could read if necessary, but somehow, I wanted the last novel to last.

Fortunately, my husband ran into a young friend of ours on his way back from his Daf Yomi class. He's the fourteen year old son of the family we *were* going to have over for Shavuot lunch. So, since Y didn't have to go home right away, jonbaker invited him up.

We discussed comic books and filks and the wig thing (his mother won a fancy custom sheitl at charity auction a couple years ago, and wore it to his bar mitzvah last year, but not since. And it did have Indian hair, so her rabbi told them to get rid of it. Since it was basically free *and* she didn't like wearing it, that wasn't a problem. Her other one, which she also rarely wears, is synthetic.) And it was very nice. He left about an hour later to go to afternoon services, and Jonathan followed to go to our shul shortly afterwards.

No, the story did not last, but I had no problems filling in the last forty-five minutes until 9PM.

(Oh, and if you read Harry Potter slash and haven't read A Thousand Beautiful Things by geoviki, you should. It's H/D, it's rated R and it's quite well-done.)

And spent the evening reading LJ and catching up.

And today, I left the house. We took the bus to Eichlers, a Jewish bookstore, where I bought the last of a series of children's books I've been reading (I've been reading children's books for years, before the HP thing.) and an autobiography, and Jonathan got me this enormous three volume work on the Psalms. I'm reading a tractate of mishnah now, in preparation for a shul wide celebration, but when I finish that, I hope to start studying the psalms in depth. Then we went out to dinner.

And I'm not lightheaded. I did more than I did last Thursday and I'm feeling better. I have no fears about work tomorrow - I think the fatigue is mostly gone. Yay! Maybe Pakua this Thursday, although I'll take it easy.
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