Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 6/3/2004

Yes, I know it's been a while.

This was the first time since I got sick almost two weeks ago. And I could feel the problems.

My stamina does not exist. I didn't even try to run around the dojo. My flexibility is gone - my natural state is "stiff" and when I don't work at it - if I don't do at least the tai chi or the 24 movements - it goes back to that. And my reflexes were gone.

Master Dominique (my "little master") was away today, so Master Rosa took over. She's tough.

We started by "running", by which I mean "walking" in my case. We also did 25 pushups, twenty crunches with our legs straight up and twenty squats. That was exhausting.

Then Instructor Riki (who is now a blue belt!) let the 24 movements. And I barely managed to finish. I had to stand there breathing for a while. Master Rosa wouldn't let me hold my head or keep my eyes closed - said I had to stand straight to let the blood flow.

Then we did the series of rolls and falls. And I got through them *twice*, but was sweaty and dizzy by the end. This time, Rosa rubbed my fingers and gave us a lecture on reflexology and meridians and energy.

I get rather uncomfortable with that.

However, she was right on one point - I should have done *something* when I was ill - 24 movements, or tai chi, or called Master Dominique and found out if there were gentle things I could do in bed, or *something*.

Then we did some attack and escape - slowly, she said.

I have no reflexes. I never came close to Riki and Riki got me when it was her turn. If this were really an attack, I'd have adrenaline on my side. I'd be a mess afterwards, but I'd have adrenaline to get me through. But it wasn't.

With all of that, though - I'm glad I went and I'm going tomorrow and Sunday. Once I recovered from the class, I felt wonderful and energized, so I know it was the right thing to do.

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