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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I know there are always good reasons for scheduling things like this. "Soandso is only in town this one day." "This is the only time most people's schedules are free." "We have to work on Monday, so Sunday isn't good."

And, honestly, I don't expect people to rearrange things just for me. I know it sounds that way, but I do understand.

And I know that there are plans to do this particular one again, so this isn't fair of me.

But it gets rather frustrating to, time and again, have half my friendslist squeeing about the get-together they just had in New York City on a Saturday afternoon. Or Friday night.

And complaining always rebounds because when people *do* schedule something I could theoretically attend, something happens or there's a convention or other thing I can't get out of. So maybe I'm just not supposed to attend these things.

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I'll join you in your pout and raise you a whinge. Frustrating, innit?

people have get togethers?

Oh, yes. It's fun, you know?

In this case, I think I know a lot of what you're feeling, though not for the same reasons. (I'm being cautious with my phrasing, because I'm one step away from a rant about people who KNOW how I feel about things, when they actually don't, but who insist that they do, because "everyone feels this way.")

Disclaimers aside, I will observe that Sunday afternoons (into early evening) are good times for events, as are Thursdays. (And, in fact, Thursdays are often better for events in public places, like movie going.)

The different reasons are because Soren now works 10pm-5am, four nights a week. And it's very different from religious reasons, but that feeling when your friends are all raving about an event that they held/went to that you couldn't, is similar. More Sunday outings, I swear; people should think about how to use the Sunday afternoon/evening hours between 1 and 8.

*Nod*. I know Saturdays are usually convenient for everyone else, but Sunday afternoons...I go to a martial arts class now on Sunday afternoons, but I don't have to go *every* week.

We both remember a time when Thursdays were always reserved for socialization.

Funny how I don't think about Washington Square Park so much anymore.

I'm never invited. :(