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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

No, I haven't seen it again, but

My husband made a joke last night about "Pervy Hobbit Fanciers", and, well. "Pervy Wizard Fanciers", except that, my goodness, he's *fourteen* and he could easily be my son and...

We need an icon for that. " Pervy Wizard Fanciers. We're so going to Hell." Could do one for all three, too. Rupert and Emma are both...well, not my type, but still.

And then there's Remus. I like David Thewlis' portrayal. I truly do. Yes, the moustache is ugly, but it fits the character of a British schoolmaster, and it makes the scars even more striking because it's so ordinary. First impression is this mildmannered, shabby teacher and then you see them slashing across his gentle, quiet face. It works. It's not sexy - but that's what the children are for, right? (Sooo going to Hell.) Well, them and Sirius and Snape's voice and.

And I still wish we'd gotten some Marauder backstory.


There's a whole LJ here for adult women who fancy the young Potter actors but they scare me a bit. Still, see what your saying for sure, even I noticed Fred and George are shaping up nicely.

I want to give you a standing ovation for liking Thewlis (I did too). Mostly I hear kvetching that he's not what people pictured (personal opinion I suppose) and that he's not handsome enough (wait, I said this here already, didn't I? Been ticking me off for days).

Sirius works too, and Snape's voice is plain notorious.

I think we're never going to get much more Marauder backstory, even in the books. Just don't think she's going there. Pity really, but perhaps this is one of those "that's what fanfic is for" things.

more Marauder backstory
regarding getting more in the films to the level of what we have from the books...
I got the impression that the filmmakers were not so much eliminating Marauder backstory from the films as deferring it until later when it's more relevant.
Cuaron said he wanted to focus on Harry's arc, and the Marauder history was being put off until it became relevant in later films.

One thing about that is it shows what actually *is* relevant to JKR in resolving the "mystery" and what is tangential. Frex, even though they cut the Draco/Lucius scene in CoS, they *kept* Borgin & Burkes. It would've been easy to just cut it altogether and have Harry floo in with the rest of the family. Why have Harry miss the grate? Clearly there's something to B&B that it's important movie viewers see...

Is your icon shareable?

My 15-year-old daughter, the Future of Fandom, has this whole "You are not e e cummings! Even God only made one e e cummings and you are not it!" rant, and I'd love to be able to give her this icon.

People who think Thewlis isn't handsome enough need to go here. Bring drool buckets. Clearly Remus grew the 'stache for "cover", to look as much as possible like a harmless prof.

Re: Is your icon shareable?

Woah! That's some amazing proof right there. I'm thinking you're right about the cover idea.

Yes, I was told that the icon is in fact sharable; simply please credit apoplexia who originally created it.

Your daughter probably doesn't want to know that I just used an e e cummings quote in a Hellsing fanfic. I still think it worked, too.

Re: Is your icon shareable?

I think he looks better with the mustache. But then, I'm this freak who thinks nearly all men are improved by facial hair... *grin*


You know, I think part of the problem is that we've come to expect The Sexay. It's easy to do, especially if we're writing characters into romantic situations - don't we *want* them to be lovely? Of course we do!

But...you know, I never really pictured most of the characters as all that attractive. Maybe I'm weird, but the descriptions I recall of Lupin from PoA call his face things like "tired" and "gray" and "kindly", which - look at Thewlis-as-Lupin and tell me he's not got a tired, kindly face! I'd say more brown than gray, but I'll take two out of three.

I think Alan Rickman is both too old and too attractive to play Snape, and it's been one of my niggling problems with the movies since PS/SS.

Gary Oldman was a nice bit of casting - he's got an interesting face, and Sirius is always described as looking ruined - he *used* to be a knockout, but now he's a wreck. (Bellatrix is the same way.)

Some characters are clearly meant to be attractive, physically, but a lot of them are ordinary or ugly, and that's one of the things I *like* about them.

Re: Thewlis and not sexy

Yeah, I get that. I gave Scully an unattractive future boyfriend in one of my fics, and I got a note or two that they didn't like that.

But you know - his face lit up when he saw Sirius and realized he hadn't betrayed James. And it was beautiful then. Just as anyone is when they look at the person they love. (Please, don't gag. I've seen this in real life.)

Re: Thewlis

Amen to all of that! And to what MamaDeb said about everyone looking lovely to the person they love. I'm not watching Harry Potter to look at gorgeous guys parade across the screen, anyway.

The whole "sexay" thing is one of my main pet peeves in anime circles. The few anime men out there who don't look like beautiful girls are some of the ones I love to put in romantic situations the most. It's very, very frustrating to me.

As for Rickman, it's hard to say... he really does pull off Snape quite well, but he is certainly at least 15 years too old for the part (though in fairness he doesn't entirely look it). And no, he looks nothing like book Snape, with his ugly nose and teeth and all else he is described as having. My personal view of Snape is somewhere between Rickman and those dreadful posters (I'm staring at one right now) that came out with the first book, though in my weaker moments I picture something more along the lines of Trent Reznor. Other Snape fans seem to feel the same way about all of that.

Re: Thewlis

I know I'm in a minority. I adore Alan Rickman's voice, and I think he was *amazing* and gorgeous and beautiful as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility, but I am *not* in love with Snape. He does a great job, and apparently Rowling "cast" him as Snape when she wrote the books - I wish we had a time machine so he could be the right age, but he does not make me drool, and I honestly can't see why a schoolboy would be especially attracted to him. Which is one of the reasons I don't write Snape/Harry stories.

(I can see why a werewolf of appropriate age *would* be, especially if he tried to awkwardly comfort him after said werewolf's life long love died. :))

Re: Thewlis

I'm only just now getting into slash at all but I've never been able to see the Snape/Harry thing. Can't be the age, I'm into Snape/Hermione (sorry to gross everyone out with that one) once she gets old enough... just never saw it I guess.

On the other hand I think I could handle some good stuff involving Snape and Remus (or Sirius and Remus) so if you have some good recommendations I'm all ears.

No, I have nothing better to do than hang out in your LiveJournal all day, thank you for asking.

First impression is this mildmannered, shabby teacher and then you see them slashing across his gentle, quiet face. It works. It's not sexy

Actually, I found Remus *very* sexy in this movie. But then, with me, it's all in the eyes. The hair and the eyes...and my god you could get lost in those eyes. *sigh*

Oh, my, yes. Even when he smiled, they were so sad.

I do love the Puppies. :)

Hey, a hottie's a hottie and looking ain't naughty! ;-)

To paraphraze Rene Auberjonois -aka- Odo: when I married, I gave my wife my heart; I didn't give her my eyes.

Ce and I both like to look. We just don't touch! :) Heck, if we were to actually meet the HP kids, they'd probably annoy the hell out of us. Frankly, I have yet to meet a 13-17 year old yet that doesn't annoy the hell out of me! But that doesn't mean you can't admire how nicely they're growing or appreciate how handsome they're becoming. There are guilty pleasures, then there are sins. In this case, looking is merely a guilty pleasure.

I love that icon!