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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

The morning started so promising. Jonathan slept too long to get me coffee, but I figured I'd get some at the office and I got to work a couple minutes late using the bus and the subway route I normally do. Late is never a problem plus neither boss was there.

And then things started. A lawyer called. He's waiting for financials for a property - things sent out yesterday via an overnight courier. He didn't get them; neither did *his* lawyer.

I got the numbers and tracked his using an automated system, which said the package had been delivered without a signature. I told him this and he blew up. Because, you know. My fault,and the fault of this agency, that the courier delivered it to the wrong place.

I go to the courier's website (which I should have done in the first place) and plugged in the tracking numbers. *His* lawyer's package had been delivered, which I confirmed by calling that office. The other? Had been delivered to a general office building mailroom and actually signed for.

Now, the thing to do would be to call the general office mailroom, right? "Do you have a *Courier Company* envelope addressed to so and so?" I mean, it can't be the first time this sort of thing has happened, right?

No. The thing to do is harass us. Right now, on my desk, is a new courier envelope with his company name on it prominently and the information he requested. But in between he calls again.

I did nothing wrong. It was very hard not to yell back. I did.

And then.

Remember the bus and train I took this morning? I shouldn't have. What I should have done was take my rental car to the rental agency and taken a subway from there. It's still sitting on my block. On the wrong side of the street. The rental agency called. Now it's also getting a ticket, too. I'll return it tomorrow morning - they'll close before I get home from work. Jonathan stayed home but he doesn't drive, and the key is in my purse anyway.

The day must get better.

On a different note: I am not going to try to catch up on my flist. If anything noteworthy happened since Thursday, tell me. Thank you.

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This is why attorneys pay their secretaries the big bucks. It's not enough for me to go back to it, but it did pay for a doctorate so I suppose it was worth it.

What qualifies as noteworthy? I'm getting published again. That's noteworthy to me, at least.


Mazel tov! That's very noteworty. :)

And if he paid me big bucks, that would be okay.

I'm an underpaid receptionist for a real estate agency.

I wrote something about you in my LJ.
Does that count?