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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Deep breath.

I said I left Conterpoint with a lot to think about. I didn't want to say why then because there were people I needed to contact first. I've contacted them.

I am chairing next year's Contata (which is the New York edition of the East Coast Floating Filk Convention. Conterpoint is the Baltimore/DC edition and Concertino is the Boston one.)


Mazal tov. Now I have to actually go!

Yep. You do.

Assuming you have no more siblings getting engaged or married or whatever.

Mazal tov.

I think?

Given that I asked for it (someone had to and I was the only one willing and who wasn't having a major attack of Life), I'm not sure...

Waves goodbye to a year of her life.

Some of the best fun I've ever had in my life was being on a concom. Yeah, they take a year of your life, but they give you so much back in exchange, even if sometimes what they give back is only really clear in retrospect.

Have fun!

I figure it's time to get out of the con suite. :)

You're stark staring bonkers, you know. Congratulations!

I need an icon saying that now.

And I am.

Thank you. :)

Wow! Congrats! Is this your first time as a con chair? You have a good head on your shoulders, so I'm sure you'll do fine. Besides, there's a body of established lore; you're not making this up out of thin air. :-)

It's my first time as con chair. I've only done con suite, but I do have an experienced concom with two former con chairs to lean on.

And you can find out, you know. We're not going to be that far from Pittsburgh. :)

Do you have a date? And is it NYC metro, or farther out?

We do not have a date at the moment. Soon, I hope.

Traditionally, Contata is held in New Jersey. It might be in Brooklyn. Either way, it'll be close to an airport.

Mazel tov! That's wonderful! Also insane, but you knew that. :)

I'm only a filker-by-association, but since it's local and I know the con chair, I might have to go.


I've asked Alex and Batya to do con suite.




Starts taking more vitamins.

Con chair? That's no job for a nice Jewish girl ;)

*grins* My condolences, in any event.

Details? Like...where, when, guests, etc?

We're working on the details now. Nothing's nailed down yet. Which is a problem since Conterpoint is over, but we will have something before long.

<voice=ZeroMostel>But it's a TRADITION!</voice>

Anyway, you can't be as bad as Conchord, I don't think, which seems to announce guests the way NY State announces budgets.

Time to cue up "A SMOF Too Blue."

Bin there, dun that, wrote the filksong?

Yes, but every time I think about someone taking the con chair, your song comes to mind.

Mazel tov, indeed! And thanks!

Shall we establish a closed concom community here on LJ for news sharing? It might be easier than trying the mailing list thing. (Though we would have to get at least one or two committee members up to speed on LJ, and several others to actually read it once in a while. Unless they paid attention to e-mail notices...)

Let's try the mailing list thing first - I have the feeling that those two committee members might be more lost than anything else. Although it would be great if a closed concom community worked.

If you know their email addresses and AIM names, email me. Otherwise, I'll give them a call.

I'm not sure whether to wish you mazeltov or condolences, but thank you for taking it on!

Mazal tov. I can see why you didn't say anything when you came back - big decision there...
Pardon my ignorance but what's a filk convention? (I've seen the word filk a lot but just ignored the fact that I had NO clue what it meant)

Filk is subject to dispute, but one definition is "The folk music of the science fiction community."

It's song parodies, usually on subjects of interest to science fiction fans - books, cats, movies, tv series, cats, science, politics, cats. It's original songs on the same subjects. It's parodies of the original filk songs.

(To filk: to parodize a song along those lines or to sing those songs. We filk filked filk songs. - We sing parodies of other filk songs.)

It's also real folk music that happens to speak to sf fans for one reason or another.

At general SF cons, there are often concerts of well-known (big name) filkers, but the real stuff happens late at night in a conference room, where we sit in rough closed curves of chairs and take it in turns to sing or to ask others to sing, or to just listen.

I listen.