Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

My mother is recovering from surgery as I write.

An MRI revealed a cyst on one of her ovaries, so she had laproscopic surgery today, and they found more on both ovaries. All are benign to the naked eye. They need further testing, but they show no gross signs of malignancy.

However, they removed both ovaries and the tubes. My mother is 72 and way past menopause, so it's not going to effect her hormonally.

She's awake now, in some pain because they had to enlarge the insision, and they may well keep her overnight. My older brother and her boyfriend Lenny are with her.

Apparently, Lenny spent the night last night.

I think I'm glad. He's a lovely man and they're very couplish together.

She's not terribly happy, but she should be fine.

I was delegated to calling my younger brother, because he and my older brother don't speak. Eric wasn't home, but his wife was. His wife *Debbie*. Yeah. jonbaker is amused that he has a twin brother-in-law - born on the same day, mere hours apart, in two boroughs of the same city. And both are involved with women named Debbie [Maiden Name].

Phone call started,
(Me) "Hi, Debbie?"
(Her) "Yes."
"This is Debbie."
"Eric's sister."

(How Eric doesn't feel incestuous I don't know.)

I don't speak to them much, either, so we did some catching up.

But most importantly. Mom is fine.

HOwever. A misheberach wouldn't go amiss. Basya Rochel bat Chana
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