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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So. It's 7:06PM on Friday night.

Shabbat is in about an hour.

My chicken has been in an oven set to 475 for an hour.

And it's not even warm. The thermostat must have broken again. Or maybe it's what looks like the brownout is affecting it.

I had no choice. The burners are working, so the chicken (eight pieces, a mixture of dried basil, balamic vinegar and oil under the skin) is currently in a dutch oven on top of the stove. It should cook in plenty of time. But if it doesn't, we're having tuna for Shabbos.


Eeep! I'm glad you discovered the problem with enough time to do something about it (including opening the tuna cans if it looks chancy).

Ah! I did that once... just ran out of time and shoved it in a pot to cook. Ruined the pot, but it worked. Hope it worked for you too and if not tuna is yummy. Mmm... I'm hungry.


You mean you're not just going to leave the oven on throughout Shabbat on a hot night in June?

Hope the pot solution works out. Good Shabbos.

Hello - you don't know me, but I sometimes read your journal because I find you interesting. :) (I found you through dine.) I don't know if you have the Sundance Channel, but there's a special on right now (which means it'll probably run again later this month, hopefully at other times besides the Sabbath) called "Trembling Before G-d," about Orthodox gays and lesbians. Since you're Orthodox and write slash, I thought maybe you might be interested in seeing it, if you haven't already.

*goes back to quiet corner)

I saw "Trembling Before G-d". In fact, I voted for my synagogue to sponsor a showing.

My review of it is here. I found it a profoundly emotional event.

And I'm flattered you find me interesting.

I hadn't read that far back. I love the review. What affected me most, I think, was the phone conversation between one partner from the lesbian couple and the young married woman. Her belief, her faith, was almost tangible.

And yes, you are interesting. So there. *G*

So how did it turn out? Did you have the chicken or the tuna?
(Chicken, or chicken of the sea? *smirk*)