Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Updates = Mom and Shabbat

I spoke to my mother after Shabbat. She's home, she was home last night. Marc and/or Lenny kept her company so she wasn't alone, and right now, all she is is a little sore. If I can get a car, I'll visit her tomorrow. So, that's good news.

As for Shabbat - the chicken came out very nice, and was still warm when we had dinner. I served with it storebought saltandpepper noodle kugel and frozen string beans I'd thawed before Shabbat. Normally, I'd have put them in the oven and they'd have been warmed through for dinner even with the oven off. Or I'd have microwaved them, but I didn't trust the power levels to do that. Instead, I put them in a colander and poured hot water over them, and before serving, I made a dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic powder. This was done, btw, in the dark. The kitchen light was so dim it wasn't worth keeping on, so I worked from the light of the dining room. Anyway, the chicken had a nice crust at the bottom and everything else tasted fine.

For lunch, I made a salad of "Italian Mix", cubed chicken, red onion, a mix of dried fruit and nuts, and a dressing made of mayonnaise mixed with the juice of one lemon plus oregano and garlic powder. These are my normal summer Shabbat lunches - a fancy salad with fruits, nuts and meat or cheese. This, however, was my first of the year.

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