Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

So much.


I went to see my mother, and my mother is okay. Her painkillers were making her nauseated, and she was getting nosebleeds, so we gave her extrastrength Tylenol instead (she had permission to use it) and made her promise that she'd tell her doctor about her reaction to them.

I didn't want to go. I know this makes me a bad daughter. I didn't want to miss my Improvement class again, or working with the kids. And I didn't want to turn into the whiney 16-yo that happens when I visit her. So I made a sort of deal with myself. If my car rental place couldn't find me a car, I wouldn't go, since the train would inconvenience everyone.

My rental place couldn't find me a car. But we called another agency, and they said they had cars. So I got dressed and took the bus two blocks to the agency (I love my unlimited monthly MetroCard)and it turned out A. they had one car and B. they were normally closed on Sundays, but this day the guy happened to go in.

So, obviously I was meant to go. And. Yes. I was going to do two mitzvot - kibub av v'em (honoring one's parents) and bikur cholim (visiting the sick) - things I hadn't realized until that point. And if it were two mitzvot and I was meant to go, then there was no point in being upset. And so. I wasn't. And the visit went very well, and I actually stayed an adult - calm and pleasant and not letting things upset me, or missing the Pakua.

The car itself, though - ugh. Not liking the Dodge Stratus I rented much.

Harry Potter Anniversary

I started reading it a day late. My fault - I did't realize that AmEx would deliver packages to my neighborhood on Shabbat without demanding signatures. And I nearly didn't get it.

I devoured it, of course, but it did feel a lot like doing homework as much as it also felt like *Finally!*. And I needed to know who died, just like the rest of us. I've since read it four more times, the last being zsero's British edition.

I liked it - I liked the angry Harry and the scary/determined Hermione, and upon rereading, I liked Remus' quiet grief and heartbreak at the end. I wasn't happy with the MoM scenes because they were hard to follow, though. Too much going on. And it made me curious about how the next two years would shape up academically. I wasn't even disappointed in the lack of Draco because, as fernwithy and others have said, Draco is just not important any more. Harry has no time to worry about schoolboy rivalries.

Finally -

Happy Birthday, cheshyre and my twin, the_star_fish.

I can't promise anything, but if either or both of you name a pairing, I'd be glad to try to write something today.

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