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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So. LJ has been wonky all day long. It's very annoying because, among other things, nocturne_alley is in major crisis, with destruction and death and missing potted hands. And it's really hard to obssessively reload when LJ is wonky.

But I'm going to try this anyway. :)

This week -

Tuesday night was the night of my old synagogue's dinner. We haven't missed a dinner since the first we attended, except for the one year I was in mourning, but Jonathan went and I popped in for the speeches.

We missed this one. The politics there have gotten to a point that our closest friends have formed their own minyan, one with practices that bother me, so going would have been uncomfortable. But also, and more importantly, we'd been invited to a junior high school graduation. Isn't that a lot more important? We thought so, so we went. Especially since the young man asked us himself.

48 fourteen year old boys in their dark Shabbos suits, standing on stage in size order, singing in a choir. Sitting in the same order in front of the auditoreum. Sitting and standing on command. Later, I heard that they'd spent the past few months learning sitting and standing instead of Math. I heard this from a much less than thrilled mother.

Anyway, our graduate got no awards at all, and we didn't expect any. And he was among the tallest, so he got called among the last for his diploma. And then we went to his house for falafel. It was nice. And I got to wear one of my new suits. It's so nice to be able to reach into my closet and pull out something exactly right.

Last night was our first concom meeting, but that's not for public consumption. I think it went okay, though.

Today, I went shopping. I bought two skirts and three tops and a new hat and a new snood. I was going to get a new rice cooker. I need one. I killed the old one by pouring the rice and water into the cooker instead of the little pot. But the place was out of rice cookers.

Andthen I went home and spent the afternoon wibbling over doubly fictional characters. *Sigh*


Not sure what to say about the graduation, but I'm glad you got out shopping! I need to shop too, but I'm pretty hung up about it. I destroyed a rice cooker once too (and two or three toaster ovens, and I'm not even counting the stuff that got treifed).

I'm delving into the wonderful world of writing Harry Potter slash now. One 100-word drabble so far, but I'm posting a longer fic in response to a contest, probably tonight or tomorrow. Harry/Ron, both of them... is there are word for slash between characters who aren't rivals? That seems to be what I'm into, when I'm into slash or shounen ai.

Still working on yet another fic for my bizarre little anime OTP, but that's not slash.

Anyway, enough about me! Great to hear from you and I hope LJ is "cured" soon because it's driving me nuts too.