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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Today, my husband came home from lunch and told me that I was teaching at my Shabbos afternoon women's group. Did I know that?

Well. No.

I'd volunteered to do next week.

So. I pulled out a couple of chumashim and read the parasha. Chukot - the red heifer and the death of Miriam Ha-Navia and the water from the rock and the death of Aaron Ha-Cohen. And various battles.

And there was a lot of water to think about. And other things. And, well, I figured I could wing it.

And it worked - I managed to lead a 90 minute discussion. So I'm happy. But it was a good parasha. If it were about building the Tabernacle, it would have been a touch harder.

And I'm thinking about defending poor Molly Weasley. :)


Glad you were able to pull that off... I can't seem to remember what the parsha is these days. Sounds like a good Shabbos.

Defending Molly Weasley from what? Who could possibly be after poor Molly? Or is this in your rp?

I'm a motor mouth. Can talk at length about anything.

There are all sorts of essays and such around who think Molly is smothering and just someone who cooks and cleans, and I have a different opinion of her. And ranting is fun, sometimes.

I love Molly Weasley, though I suppose there never be much canon about the poor woman.

I can talk at length about things much less meaningful than whether strong mothers make good characters, so good for you!

Yep, that was one action-packed parsha.

Yeah. Poor Moshe. Lost his big sister, lost his big brother and lost Eretz Yisroel. Lost *everything*. His past and his future, as my husband says.

He also lost his temper.