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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
In Defense of Molly Weasley

Yes, I know. She's overbearing at times, and smothering and she has a crush on Lockhart (but so did Hermione, and his Doxycide seems to have worked)and she seems to have decided to spend her life worrying over her children. I can see all of that plainly.

And she does seem to spend a lot of book 5 cooking and cleaning - or leading cleaning parties. Except that she wasn't just cleaning - a few good scourgifies and the occasional evanesco would probaby have taken care of that. We have some idea that she is powerful - we've seen her manage several magical jobs at the same time. Yes, women multitask, but that's still an idication of power.

What Molly was doing extermination - she was ridding Grimmauld Pl of the pests and dark creatures that had colonized it since at least Mrs. Black's death. And she was clearly in charge of a major project, Sirius' desire to discard all his heritage notwithstanding. That's not only skilled work, it also carries some danger. We don't know what because Molly being Molly would have tackled the most dangerous as soon as possible.

And she does have other duties - she's been on guard duty, for example. We don't know what else she's up to. Honestly, we have no idea what Lupin is doing, either.

Meanwhile, she's raised seven children, and even managed to keep the twins alive and in school until they chose to leave(if any pair were going to violate the no magic during the summer rule, it would be them. Although I suspect they'd get away with it - I suspect anyone in a Wizarding household would.) That she's chosen to stay at home even after her youngest is in school all year - that's up to her, isn't it? She's been out of the workforce for a number of years, and we know that jobs in the wizarding world seem to be limited. She'd end up doing the sort of the job I'm doing.

On a side note - I'm wondering about her clock. Dumbledore refers to it as "that excellent clock of hers" which is an odd phrasing - you'd think that most families would have similar ones, given how useful it would be, but the implication is that it's special to her.

Which makes me wonder if maybe Molly's clock is unique - and is hers. Maybe she made the very interesting clocks in her house, the ones that give useful information instead of time. However, they'd be one offs and not easy to create. I'm not sure where the wizarding world is with mass production. Given their small numbers, they may not need it.

Or maybe she sells them, too. Maybe she's where the Twins get their creativity. Actually, I can see that. She could well be a reformed troublemaker - which is why she understands her sons so very well, but like many a reformed person, is a little self-righteous and evangelical about it.

She's also probably not a little overwhelmed by class differences. Britpickers have said that Arthur is of a higher social class than Molly, and she knows it. His family might well have disapproved of Molly Prewett - her speech, her manners, her mode of dress - everything but her blood and her hair. However, it's clear he loves and needs her as she does him, and that is what counts.

If she comes from a family of craftsmen instead of professionals, that might well be. To her credit, she doesn't try to be someone she's not, but she also has to be aware that she may have held Arthur back in his career. She's just not the society hostess a politician or rising civil servant needs. For all we know, his family might have cut him off for marrying her, which is why they're poor. I actually doubt that - class and wealth do not correllate well.

This could also be why she's so worried about Bill's unconventional hair - maybe it's a class thing? And Molly's tied into her social class enough that a young man with hair that long is sloppy and presumptuous at the same time?

Anyway, she's clearly a more complex character than she appears to be, even if you discount my little extrapolations. I like her. And I love her because I know she'd have taken Harry to her heart even if he hadn't been famous, just because he needed her. Unlike a certain aunt of his.


This is fascinating stuff... If you're interested in spreading it further you might try hated_characters, or could even do it for you... (lots of Potter fans there though they do focus on the younger ones).

Anyway I agree... and I'd like to add: While she worries about her family, they are quite clearly leading their own lives. (Witness the twins, and except for the one well-deserved Howler Ron hardly spends much time worrying what his mother would think).

And she's not obsessive. Just because she was angry that they took that car? That could have lost her husband his job and earned them criminal penalties, not to mention they didn't know how to fly it.

Ah well, the reasons some characters are disliked will forever be a mystery to me.

people don't like molly weasley?!

that's news to me. ah, what i miss from not hanging around actually in the fandom ...

I was going to say...

Check out some of the essays on hp_essays.

Most of the characters have people who love them and people who hate them. Some have only love. Molly - so many people don't like Molly and no one seems to like her.

Me - I like most of the characters. I like that none of them are perfect, including Harry and his narration, and I don't think lack of perfection makes Dumbledore or James evil. And I don't think Snape is that misunderstood (or that sexy, but that's me), either.

It's a shame most of the negative characters, aside from Snape, do seem so flat, but part of that is Harry. He knows his friends, and his friends *are* the good guys, even if they're fences. He doesn't know his enemies.

I admit, in my cynicism, to wondering whether dislike of her was very strong before OotP. I'd suspect not, and if that's true, then I would tie it to her attitude towards Sirius. She's mean to him!! Poor widdle guy.

But maybe I'm wrong. If it's not that, I don't get it, either. I think she's terrific, and Harry seems to, too. *g*

Most of the people who don't like Molly--and I'm not one of them; it's Arthur that I cannot stand--have a problem with the fact that she's always yelling.

Of course she's yelling!

And with kids that noisy, I would be too, just to be heard above the fray.

My soft-spoken style works with the Little Fayoumis because there's one of him, and he's fairly quiet. And sometimes I even have to bellow to get above noise.

Seven kids. Six boys. Teenage boys. They probably have nine different sources of music on in the house at any one time, or would if they were a Muggle family. Imagine wizarding stereo wars! And while the Burrow's tiny by Wizarding standards and for the amount of people they've got in it, compare that against the Muggle apartment that my family's in. Kitchen? Tiny. All four of us do not go in there at the same time. Molly's kitchen? Probably as big as my bedroom, not counting the pantry. She's got to have a pantry. Bedrooms, possibly the same size as mine, just more of them. Lots more.

Hm, I wonder if anyone's made a floor plan of the Burrow.

But she'd have to either bellow or use a wizarding equivalent of an intercom to let Fred & George know that she knew that whatever they were doing in their room that was making those explosions, she didn't want them doing it.

I like Arthur, too. He won my heart when he scolded the Dursleys. "You aren't going to see your nephew until next summer. How can you not care?"

I don't think he can conceive of someone not caring about a child they raised.

Molly, though...I'd love to see Molly and Petunia go at it. :)

I *like* Molly Weasley. I had never really thought of her as a Stay at Home mom. Just because we only see her when she's doing stuff with her children doesn't mean that's the sum total of her existence. She might very well have a job, or at least interests outside of her family. But since Harry's perspective is what we get - what is he really going to know about the inner life of his best friend's mom?
And she is so maternal, and loving, and she takes Harry in as a matter of course. And the Weasley's marriage has lasted for at least twenty-something years, and is still going strong. I don't think JK would hesitate to write about a divorce or single parent family if she felt the need.

Rowling said she chose to stay at home.

With the size of her family and the fact that she taught them at home (home-schooling is apparently a USan term), it's the most viable choice she could have made.

And, yes. She's just a loud, but warm and comfortable figure in his life. And I'm so glad he has her, too.

I love Molly Weasley. And pretty much the whole rest of the family, too.

except Percy, who is a git.

Ahhhhhh but...

...is Percy REALLY a git, or is he Dumbledore's "backup spy"?

Snape can't remain the only spy forever. Sooner or later, he will be found out. What will the Order do then? I think Percy's being groomed to fill the anticipated void. At the very least, he would be there to back up Snape (who really IS a git) in case he gets into trouble.

Re: Ahhhhhh but...

I'm really hoping so.

He is a Weasley and he is a Gryffindor. And there's that bit at the beginning of GoF where he quite obviously got injured fighting the Death Eaters, much like his brothers. There's a hero inside Percy.

And, if so, he's chosen a difficult path.

He's still a pompous git, though. :)

Re: Ahhhhhh but...

But see, being pompous goes right along with it. "I'm a hero and part of my courage is putting on a brave front and playing my part to perfection."

When it's all over with (if he survives), he will never let his family forget how much he sacrificed. Can't you just see Percy, sitting around the family breakfast table in future years, driving everyone 'round the twist with tales of his heroics???

If Voldemort doesn't kill him in the war, his family will do it in the aftermath, just to have a little peace and quiet! :)