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Syndrome X

Because of what happened on Friday, I made an appointment with our internist.

So. First, my weight is way up. This was not a surprise. I could tell by my clothing, after all. I don't weigh myself. I've been bad with the carbohydrates, even eating cake with sugar. I'm not surprised, therefore.

I'm sure my sugar is also up because of that.

And my blood pressure is also high.

And probably, my cholesterol because Jonathan's new diet includes lots of eggs. And cheese.

This is calledSyndrome X and it is apparently a real thing. So, now I'm on glucophage and glysil. These do not cause hypoglycemia, which is a good thing, and they might even get me to lose weight, which, medically speaking, is also a good thing. Of course, the pharmacy was out of glysil, and the wholesaler isn't delivering more at the moment, so I may need to call my doctor about that. I need to make an appointment, anyway. I forgot to do that.

I also got a referral for a colonoscopy and a prescription for a mammogram. Which I'm due for - my father had colon cancer and my mom's mom had breast cancer. Neither of which killed them.

So. I'm not getting an ulcer, I don't need to decaffinate. But I'm taking middle aged lady drugs.

Which makes me one, I guess.

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