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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

ow ow ow

I think I over did things a tad on Sunday.

My "little master," Dominique, asked me a few weeks ago to help her teach her kids' class. I went once, but arrived late and didn't get the full...treatment.

This time I arrived on time. I was to be an assistant and an extra pair of adult eyes - necessary when you have a group of ten year old boys. Or even two of them. So. I was already warmed up (the run from the subway). I led them in the 24 movements. That wouldn't have been so bad except that Master Eric, who teaches my Improvement classes, was in the back of the dojo with an accelerated student. And he was watching me.

Like I needed that pressure. :) Then we showed the boys kick-walks and then watched them do the series of rolls and falls, and then did some one-on-one sparring. Finally, Dominique and I demonstrated an orange belt technique with them, followed by a game of dodge ball, and then some attackand escape.

I barely stopped moving.

For 90 minutes.

And I'm old. :)

And then I had an hour's break. I spent it in a kosher Dunkin Donuts eating an egg and cheese croissant and chatting with my little master, who is in fact half Mormon and half Catholic. So the only caffiene she has is in Red Bull. (grin)

Then back to the school, and back into uniform, and there was my Improvement class. Me, a twelve year old with a blue stripe and a 23 year old. I *felt* forty. Especially since Master Eric asked my name.

Oh, and the five or so black belts watching us silently from the side of the room. Including my old master, Master Katie. Turns out they were training to teach this sort of class and were observing Master Eric. However...yeah, more pressure. So, an hour more activity.

My back hurts.

Then I took my husband to see Harry Potter. We came in just as Aunt Marge escaped the house because the bus ran late. Not being the Knight Bus. And we went out to dinner.

And, yes it's worth it. The two skirts I just bought were a dress size down from the suits I bought six weeks ago (and which were just a bit large.)


I just had to comment on this because the Trigun anime has a character named Dominique, and having several Trigun LJs on my friend's list I scrolled through much of it thinking it was some odd alternate universe fanfic.

Seriously though it sounds like you're working very hard and getting a lot out of it! Good for you!

I'm hoping that I can threaten my concom with physical violence.

Except they'd never believe. Also, well. It's hard to beat up guys when you're shomeret negiah. Unless, you know. You have to.

That sounds like a real good kind of "ow" to me! You must be feeling so good about it. :)

Not with my back hurting.

I do feel good, but I'm wondering if I'm really overdoing given my general physical condition.

Ah, you're right. Maybe your trainer or master or whatever the right name is, can help you assess if it's a "good" ache or a "warning" sign.

Still, I know the "girlie thrill" when one's clothes feel loose, eh?

Sounds worth it to me, yes. One size in six weeks is pretty impressive!

As I said, the suits were a bit large. I need to move buttons anyway. So it's more like half a size. However, I think I might have reached a turning point in my fat/muscle ratio - that is, I think I'm at a point where intake goes to maintain muscles rather than stored as fat.