Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Not again

Life in New York is far too interesting at times. :(

I'm listening to the radio coverage of today's plane crash and panicking slightly, even though it's probably, thank G-d, a mechanical failure. It's awful.

I learned about it on the bus this morning. Another bus pulled up along side of ours and gave the news. The driver put on the radio and relayed what information he had.

One of the passengers panicked at the news, and decided her brother-in-law had died. She cried in my arms until another passenger with far more presence of mind asked if that was his flight and reassured her that there were other flights. And then it turned out that her brother-in-law was flying *from* Haiti.

There's a large Dominican Republic and Haitian population here. And, apparently, that area of Queens lost a lot of people on 9/11. *Sigh*

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