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In that I suspect most people know what the title is.

Not that I'm saying anything in depth. I have no problems with the title itself, nor do I have any theories yet.

What I am is *amused*. And appreciative. And somewhat awestruck. Possibly other adjectives beginning with "a".

Because in the past twenty-four hours, You lovely people, including a couple of communities, have come up with all sorts of theories. And jokes (thank you, mctabby) about the words "Half-blod Prince." And I am impressed. It takes a great deal of imagination and love to do that.

Is he Tom Riddle (because Tom Riddle is not Voldemort. Except that Dumbledore called him "Tom.")
Or maybe one of the current half-bloods - Seamus, whom we know for certain, and Remus from the interview? Or are we going back in time? Is he Salazar? Or Godric?

Is prince literal or metaphorical? I know Rowling has used the term metaphorically - Dumbledore (yeah, him again) has said that, because Harry was with the Dursleys, he was not a "pampered young prince". And tell me that James wasn't the Prince of Gryffindor in his day, or Draco the Prince of Slytherin?

And I have no ideas myself. Because it's 3AM and I can't sleep. And because those two words are so full of meaning that it's impossible to parse them out. Harry's a half-blood because his mother is Muggleborn. Tom and Seamus are because their fathers are Muggles. If Seamus marries Tonks (also a half-blood), would their children be considered halfbloods or purebloods? When does that start? Weasleys are considered purebloods, but there are hints that they have Muggle blood.

I just know that it's amazing that so much has been written on so little information.

And, again, it's just a title. Her titles tend to be obliquely informative. I can't see this one any differently.

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