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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Dear Lovely, Wonderful, Nice HP writers:

I know you love writing WIPs. I know you love posting them chapter by chapter, and then putting them, still chapter by chapter, all nicely framed and formated and so on, on your website.

I appreciate the effort it takes to do that, too.

I just have one simple request - when you finish the story and get it beta'd and edited and everything else, could you *also* post it in one big chunk in plain, unadorned html? Because I want to read your lovely fic, but I can't spend all the time in front of the computer necessary to do it. I wish I could. So fiction gets downloaded into my Palm or I print it out on actual paper. Which means that sometimes when you post in chapters, it makes iSilo unhappy (or the pretty frames get in the way), and of course, no one wants to print out 25 small files. Which means lots of cutting and pasting.

So I humbly ask that you consider my request.

Much love,
Mama Deb


How hysterically funny that you and I both wrote (and posted) letters to HP writers so close together. Heh.

(and yes, I agree with your request too, because...yes)

Just read both notes. (not that my stuff is the stuff in question). But I'll ask on my loop if I ever finish my WiPs (working on that Sunday in fact) if anyone would like them in a large block.

As for the author's notes, I'll try. Really.

You know, quite seriously, I think a lot of it has to do with what fandoms a given person has 'grown up' in. I can't speak for mamadeb (although I suspect our media fandom backgrounds are similar), but in my case, all the fandoms I encountered before Harry Potter had no chapters, few notes...and almost everybody waited until their stories were finished (and beta'd) before posting them. Oh...and feedback was private (although critique was often public), which discouraged what often seems to *me* as way too much attention being paid to the desires of the readers and not enough to the needs of the story.

The thing, though? I'm sure if I'd started out in fandom in HP, I suspect I wouldn't have the faintest idea what all these old crabs where whining about all the time. *g*

I hate it when iSilo getsnhappy. Especially when I pull out my Palm at lunch and the fic that I wanted to read at lunch is unreadable or slow to load.

Okay, I'm not an HP reader, but thank you for this post!.. I wish nore fanwriters would do that!

I just lost an over 600 chapter piece (when my harddrive crashed), and am not looking forward to cutting and pasting it again.