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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]


Category Unknown
You don't fit into any of the above categories, so perhaps before you get angry or confused, check what other religion(s) you scored the highest on. For example, you might be a Christian-Pagan, or a Discordian-Wiccan. Just use a bit of logic. However, according to this test, you're simply 100% YOU. You don't fit into any of the world's boxes.

Yeah, actually, I *do*. And if I could find an email address for the creator of this quiz, I'd tell hir so.

I just made a comment on this very theme in imkalena's livejournal.

That the world isn't divided up into Christians, pagans and atheists.

ETA: Found the email address. Emailed hir. Was, unfortunately, *nice*.


I took that. I am apparently a fundamentalist Christian. Good to know, don't you think?

Oh, yes. Indeed.

They couldn't peg me either.

In my case, though, they were probably right.

This puts me in mind of explaining why there's no "chapel" non-denominational enough if there's a big honking cross in it when the groom and his family are all, you know, Jewish.

When my younger brother was planning his first wedding, his fiancee at the time was not Jewish, and neither was her mother or stepfather, but her father was a "Completed Jew" - born Jewish, became born-again Christian. Which meant that all of the groom's family and half of the bride's family were Jewish.

One of the places they'd looked at was a "Chapel of All Faiths" that, yes, featured a big honnking cross.

The wedding unfortunatly never happened and my brother eventually married someone else. In a registry office. Given that my sister-in-law is Catholic, it was probably the right choice. Also, my nephew was born four months later, so they didn't have a long time to *plan*.

Hey, if you base it on how you got married, me & my babe are Notarians... But, yeah, ridiculously limited quiz.

It actually seems from the wording that there is no such thing as Judaism, so I didn't bother.

Exactly, it looked way too tedious to take to me. Wouldn't mine seeing what happened with a good one though.

He does live in an interesting universe, doesn't he?

I tried taking it, but couldn't answer the questions. The first one stumped me: "Does God exist?" I kept looking for the response: "Can we please find something relevent to worry about?"

Don't think I'd fit into any of `em ...

Yeah, it's a stupid quiz. Apparently, as a "True Christian," I "normally don't feel church is acceptable for my form of worship." (Given that "Average Christians" also don't go to church, apparently the only people in churches nowadays are Fundamentalists and Holy Rollers.)

I took the quiz a second time, answering as if I was Muslim, and got a strange blend of flavors of Christian, Wiccan, and Unknown. I suppose that anything polytheistic would end up as Unknown by default. Nice to know that, of the world's top nine religious categories (according to the BBC), all but two are "unknown."

Silly children.

Speaking of religion, though, I keep meaning to ask you about it (by IM or comment). I started looking at your journal after you friended me from nraged wibblechat, and it's always fascinating for me to meet other slashers with strong religious beliefs. What I found interesting about your website was that, although I read your fantastic essays on integrating fannish activity with Orthodox practice, I couldn't find as much about the question of how slash itself fits within Jewish law. I hope I'm not offending you by asking this (and if you've been asked a thousand times, which you probably have, feel free not to answer), but I've recently been asked myself how I integrate slash and beliefs, as a fairly serious Christian, and I'm curious about your response.

The fast answer is that I don't. I try to keep those areas of my life as seperate as I keep the two sides of my website.

However - the fact is the Bible does not approve of anal sex. It also doesn't approve of driving on Shabbat or eating bacon. And the penalties are worse for those.

What it doesn't do is regulare *thought*. I can write about what I want and read about what I want. I can have my guys eat huge treif feasts before taking off in their car on a lovely Saturday afternoon and finding a secluded spot to do...things to each other, and I'd be violating nothing. I seriously do not believe that my stories will make any men gay. :)

To make it easier on *me*, I will not slash any religious Jewish character, so I won't write Chaim Potok slash. And I will not take Blair Sandburg and make him religious and then slash him.

(It might be fun to write a gen story where he does tshuva, though.)

And one day I'll write something about the Levitical forbidden relationship laws and how they're designed for a polygynous society.

How do you do it?

I took it and it called me an Atheist. Which as you know is about as far from the truth as one can get.

ETA: Found the email address. Emailed hir. Was, unfortunately, *nice*.

Let me know what, if any kind of response you get.

*facepalm* Yeah, that little business of ignoring all the other world religious items apart from the Christian/pagan/atheist spectrum might explain why I got "Pagan/Occultist" as a result on that quiz. (And assuming that spectrum, I figured I'd get some sort of liberal Christian result -- I didn't answer anything about magick or multiple deities, and I find Jesus interesting but not messianic. Turns out my second-choice result was a tie between agnostic, fundamentalist Christian, and "category unknown." Well then.)

Another Orthodox Jew

I ended up being "Pagan/Occultist". Me, pagan? Well duh. Only in the old sense, ie. "non-Christians". Occultist, on the other hand... *chuckle* ;]

Anyway, it's a pretty stupid quiz, especially the Discordian answers. Discordianism is not the stupid set of beliefs it is made out to be in this test. And most of the answers given made me wince. And where is Judaism? Where is Islam? etcetc.

Maybe you should try the Belief-O-Matic instead. It identified me as either a Reform or an Orthodox Jew last time I filled it out.