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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Next week, my Pakua master turns 19. (I'm being taught by someone young enough to be my daughter. The world is getting scary.)

I want to get her a present. I have no idea what, so I'm tossing it out to the collected wisdom of my friends list.

She's 19. She's very bright but not interested in reading, although she does like manga. Including yaoi manga. She's almost inhumanly energetic and perky, but that could be a function of her age. She's very sweet.

She adores animals and plans to be a vet. She likes men a *lot*. She's not into clothes or jewelery. She likes action type movies.

So, you think maybe a stuffed animal?


Speaking of yaoi manga, I'm new on the yaoi scene, but I've had "Banana Fish" strongly recommended to me (from someone in Japan, yet) and as it's not popular like say, Gravitation, she may not have it.

I like "Please Save My Earth", which has a few... overtones, but may be too shoujo-ish and sweet for her.

As for action, there's always Trigun (no yaoi but the fandom in crammed with it) or Hellsing (Yay!)