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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

"If you and I were alone in a room right now, what would we be doing?"

Now post this in YOUR LJ, and see what people wanna do with you.


Eating chicken soup and latkes... I miss good latkes... actually I miss good Jewish food in general... and chatting about all aspects of fandom. :)

Chicken soup *and* latkes? Interesting combo. (I guess with apple sauce as opposed to sour cream.) :)

We would be talking books and food and judaism and food and weddings.

And food.

Did I mention food?

:) Yep, food. I am detecting a theme here.

Talking Judaism, and eating food.

This seems to be a theme, doesn't it?

Yeah, there is. Yeesh - am I that limited?

We'd be sharing our Harry Potter theories and discussing halacha.

Yep. And maybe talking a little anime. And yaoi manga.

We would be talking about food, judaism, fandom, and possibly adoption. And marveling at one another's accents.

I have an accent? :)

And I'll get you to commit slash again. (eg)

Talking about Judaism and stuff and maybe eating something, or recovering from just having had dinner.

Probably - are you going to Worldcon?

Probably talkin' slash, as you're one of the few frum I can joke about it with *evil grin*

*jumps up and down* Count me in!

(sorry had to will stop)

probably eating and talking about what ever came to mind

Eating. (There's a kosher place near my apartment where I can get pre-made food, so I could actually be a proper hostess and offer you food and drink, if you didn't mind plastic utensils and disposable plates.) And talking books, and fandom, and me pestering you with questions, and then back to books.

Wow. Yeah. That would be cool. Books! Something besides food and Judaism and slash. Wow.

Depends - where's the room?

-- At a con: Shmoozing about whatever happens to come to mind (frumkeit, fandom, fanfic, frogs, who knows)

-- At a restaurant _after_ the con: Deconstruction of which con we attended, as M puts it ("Me? I was at the writing-editing con. Did you go to that con or the multimedia one? Or maybe the costuming one. I know we overlapped in one panel or another").

-- At some random restaurant in NYC: Shmoozing on topics that we and our spice can all chat on.

(and a bonus: At Aaron's bris - can you believe he's turning 6 next week? - The importance of driving 4 hours for a fleishig lunch during the Nine Days)

Well, I *know* you're going to Worldcon. :)

Listening to my NPR jazz CD! It's great.


I'd be begging you to make challah with me; mine tastes good, but I can never get the surface really smooth, and it's always a little flaccid-looking. Also I'd be asking you more about slash and religion, with some questions about sexual asceticism (a la Maimonides) and how that relates to smut.

I've never made a really good challah, actually. Mine always come out heavy. The trick, though, would be the glaze, no?

I haven't studied Rambam in seven years or more, though.

Well, I do glaze them, so they do look shiny. It's just that the dough itself is sort of unevenly textured. Ah well.

Funny, challah is the one bread that I never have a problem making light enough. Clearly we should be exchanging tips. :-)

Umm...hugging? Babbling like lunatics about lots and lots of random things? :) That's kind of what we did last time...

Yep. But it was fun.