Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

My Shabbat.

Not a huge amount to say. Jonathan came home just after candle-lighting, which he does. Fortunately, there's that 18 minute cushion. He went to shul and then we had chili chicken (I put a paste of chili powder, lime juice, lime zest, a little water and some oil under the skin of a chicken cut into eight pieces.) and rice and frozen mixed veggies.

Next day - well, I got caught up in a political book - Big Lies by Eric Conason, so I missed shul in the morning. I did daaven on time, so that's a plus. I made one of my Shabbat salads for lunch - this time it was diced leftover chicken, avocado, red peppers, red onions and sunflower seeds (and European mix bag o'salad) in a lime juice vinaigrette.

Then we napped and read until Jonathan had his Daf Yomi shiur. At about 5:45, I finally left to go to my weekly women's group. I passed Jonathan on his way back from shiur,where he was talking to a friend of ours. The group itself went well, with the discussion centering around vows, cities of refuge and reincarnation. No, I didn't lead it.

And as I reached my house, I passed my husband on his way to another friend's house. I'm afraid we got rather snuggly at that point, to the amusement of our neighbors sitting on their porch. At least, they gave me huge smiles. And I read fanfic until the end of Shabbat. Nice and peaceful and quiet. Pretty much perfect.

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