Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

My husband is currently being wonderful.

He's standing in line at a local takeout place to buy dinner. We have to eat dinner before - well, before 9PM, anyway. Because tonight is Rosh Chodesh Av - the beginning of the Nine Days (which is the end of the Three Weeks.) Mourning for the Temple goes into high gear - no meat, no clean clothes (we adapt), no swimming and for those who can handle it, no bathing and no shaving. Haircuts have been out for a couple week already. So have weddings.

So, like the rest of Flatbush, my husband is out buying a fleishig meal because it'll be our last one until Friday night (all mourning stops on the Sabbath.) You think that's bad? The dairy restaurants next Sunday are going to be *packed* - not only do a lot of people go out for dinner on Sundays anyway, but the normal Sunday night dinner in many households is Shabbat leftovers. Which tend to be meat. Which would not be permitted. We've waited on line for hours to get seated.

Better is to go to a meat restaurant and have something from a pareve Nine Days menu. The one my husband is now does it very well - things they don't serve the rest of the year, such as fish because there are some stringencies about fish and meat that it's easier to avoid in a place like that. Or a Chinese or Japanese place, which can do pareve with no retooling at all. And, of course. It's only nine days, one of which is Shabbat and one of which is a fast day anyway, although it's forbidden to eat meat until the next afternoon.

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