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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It's 3PM. One boss is in DC getting honored by Bush; one is taking care of his son. We have had almost no calls about houses or rentals. And I am totally, totally, totally caught up.

So. I disabled the content monitor (yes, cheshyre, it was very useful and good and I'll be renabling it for Monday) and I'm here.

I'll write the first person who comments a story. Birthday rules apply - any pairing so long as it's m/m and I'm familiar with both of them.


do you do star trek?

if so, I would love to see a riker/picard pairing.


Will do. (Poor Deanna. She *has* to know how he pines.)

Deanna. Riker. Picard. THREESOME.

I mean, I know you don't do those, but goodness. Maybe *I* should write one. ;)

You should.

Too bad I don't write het.

And Deanna so would.

Deanna would, hell, *I* would.

Ensign Archie of the Horatio Hornblower movies, and Archie Goodwin of the Nero Wolfe books. (Yeah, this requires a bit of AU.)

Alternatively, Shasta/Cor from The Horse and His Boy and Edmund.

I know it's after 3 pm and others have already answered, but I'm asking strictly for freaky/silly points.

Fonzie/Richie from Happy Days.

DAHAHAHA I'm not even the big slash writer and I'd be so tempted to see if I could pull that off.

I've been slashing *them* for years.

Richie tops.

Ok. Ok.
I'm trying to get a spit take from you.

Walter Cronkite/Dan Rather?

Barney Miller/Fish?

A group situation with Boss Hogg, Sheriff Coltrane, Cooter the Mechanic, and Bo & Luke Duke?

I've been slashing for ten years now. Nothing will do that.


Walter and Dan are married. Also - real people. I try to avoid real people.

Barney Miller/Fish - only if I don't have to picture Fish naked.

And that last would be...beyond my powers. Really. :)

only if I don't have to picture Fish naked.

You say that like it's a bad thing.