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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So. We're running low on our Lush products. And they have a little store (a very little store) near where my husband works, and he likes the solid shampoos and the Freeze shower gel. So, even though it's the Nine Days and bathing for pleasure is not permitted, he went and got the stuff, using a list I'd

So, imagine this. My husband. 5'10". 300lbs. Big beard and ponytail. Large backpack. Walks into the little tiny store.

You know he got the saleswomen's attention. As opposed to the female customers (no, it's not right, but it is what happens.) And he hands them the little list I'd typed up for him. He's thinking, "Why should I go searching when they know where everything is." They're thinking, "Oh, how *cute* and helpless, and so sweet to do this for his wife." Even though he does have to tell them we want the big bottles, not the small ones. And he even gets a replacement cap for the one we broke.

But I *wish* I could have seen all that. It must have been adorable.

And he tells me he now smells like the store.


Hee. I wish I would have seen Mark go in, too. Hee.

Oooh, this makes me want to send kingchiron out to Sephora for me...

Hubby likes smelly stuff from various and sundry bath stores. I can take or leave it, so I usually don't go with him.

More than once, he's had salespeople ask him for his "wife's list" and when he says that he's shopping for himself, give him a hard time.

On at least one occasion, the woman kept insisting that he buy some really strong floral crap because "All women like this scent, and he should get some for his wife." From the above reference to smelly stuff, three guesses about how I feel about that kind of gel...

He's never gone back to that store.


ewwwww. I love yummy smelling bath stuff, but I HATE floral stuff. Haaaate. Rose, lily, lilac, jasmine=BLECH BLECH BLECH.

I like Freeze, which smells of peppermint. And Tramp, which smells of patchouli and rich forest.

Apparently, Lush is discontinuing many of its herby, earthy scents for more floral, sweet scents.

Bleh. I want to smell like outdoors and clean, not like a florist shop.

And, yes, what's adorable when he really is using his wife's list is NOT when it's just for him.