Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

In response to scribbulus_ink's Candy is Dandyl challenge..

I was doing Pansy Parkinson and Sherbet Lemons


"Sweets will make you fat, darling." Pansy could hear her mother's voice follow her as she wandered through Honeydukes. She watched Millicent fill her bag with Chocolate Frogs and Sugar Quills and envied her freedom.

"Stick with Madam Malkin, Pansy, dear. Madam Malfoy would *never* approve of Muggle clothes." Her mother took away the fashion magazines and Pansy resigned herself to pink and precious robes.

"Oh, no, dear. Think of your brilliant future as Draco's wife. Surely you know a society witch never does her own charms and potions?" So Pansy hid away her research notes and never spoke about how her marks were the best in Slytherin in Arithmancy and Transfiguration. She hoped her mother wouldn't burn them this time.

"Soon. Soon you'll be finished with that dreadful school and we can plan your wedding. You and Draco would be so happy." Pansy could see the walls of her future life close around her like the doors of Azkaban Prison.

On the way back from Hogwarts at the end of their sixth year, Pansy caught Draco snogging Harry Potter in one of the luggage compartments.

As soon as the conductor let her off the platform, she dashed into a Muggle news agent and purchased a bag of sherbet lemons. She consumed them one by one that evening as she composed an Owl to Professor McGonagall, outlining an idea for a special project the following year. She flew free in her dreams that night.

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