Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

My trip home

That was a fast turn-around. 10 minutes ago, this was angryL. I'm writing this on my Palm, so it's all fresh.

I'd just purchased V8 and SmartWater for after the fast and left the store when my purse strap broke. It's an awkward size and shape to carry home in my arms.

I really had no choice. I had to buy a new one. I'm getting the old one repaired--it's far too expensive to toss out. Couple problems - 1. Really shouldn't get new things durlng the 9 Days. 2. The cheap luggage store is now a cellphone store.

But I do need one. So I venture into the trendy little boutique, a store with nothing for size 20 40 year olds and get something usable for more than I wanted to spend.

BTW, the salesgirls could not have been sweeter or more helpful. :)

Then I missed my bus by inches, so I decided to take the subway one stop. And it refused my unlimited farecard so I had to fish out an old pay per ride one. And I missed a train.

And the next train came by in 5 minutes. And the bus I'm on now came by in 5 minutes and wasn't taking fares - I'm riding free.

And the new purse is cute and grown-up and I'll have time to make and eat dinner and so I'm smiling again.

Further update: I'm home and dinner is almost cooked. Go me.

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