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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

In light of all the Ron bashing going on lately (both serious and not-so-serious), an essay on Ron from a different point of view.


*would never bash her ronnykins*

*siiiighs like a schoolgirl*

Wrong Ron. I'm so wrapped up in the DNC.

Neat essay. I'm utterly unconnected with HP fandom, so I didn't know about the standard take on Ron, but that essay reflects my feelings about him pretty well. When I read you post, my reaction was "Ron bashing? Whatever for?" To me, Harry's getting worse and worse behaved and being really dumb about it. Granted, it would kill the plot if he would actually talk to people, but still... The way he jumps to conculsions and runs off to feel ill-used is even less amusing since I have a teenager of my own to deal with.

Ron, IMO, is a sweetheart.

I'll admit I skimmed parts of that (due to my wretchedly short attention span, not the quality of the work). But I'm quite impressed by it. And I definitely agree completely that Ron's feelings about Harry in the Tournament in Goblet of Fire were about betrayal, not jealousy.

I also don't think there was that huge an amount of "guy stuff" going on... by which I mean I don't think they were posturing and afraid to back down. I think, as the essay seems to imply, that it was much about the need to know that the other truly cared and valued them. (will completely refrain from making slashy comments as that was Not What They Meant)