Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Character bashing

Rant cut for length

First of all, that many of you have no idea any of this is going on tells me this is truly an internal thing. But so be it. I'm inside.

The character bashing bothers me.

Not that people like or dislike characters, or even love or hate characters - that's all purely subjective - and certainly not that they talk about these opinions. I have characters I love and hate and I'm perfectly willing to talk about these opinions.

It's an attitude that *some* have that "I hate canon character that Author clearly wants me to like, and therefore I am cool. And here are the reasons, even though I made up some, or it's a visceral dislike to the actor in the film version or they are cruel to my favorite character that Author doesn't like or they are perfectly valid but taken out of context or even that they are perfectly valid and taken in context. And all those who hold different opinions are uncool or foolish."

So. Hate Ron. He *is* annoying, after all. Hate Hagrid for being a poor teacher (as Rowling herself has shown us.) Hate the good guys who are other than perfect, like the bad guys who may just be misunderstood - this is HP. There is a major character who *is* continually misunderstood. In fact, misunderstandings about characters a a big part of most of the books. Snape is good and Quirrell is evil. Neither Harry nor Draco are the Heir to Slytherin. Sirius is innocent and poor Peter is guilty. Harry is not an attention hog and Moody is not Moody. Neville is not weak or incompetent, Ginny is not shy and Luna sees more than she seems to - and Trelawney *is* a Seer. So it's entirely possible that someone *else* Harry thinks of as evil really isn't, or that a friend is really an enemy.

Just don't think that those who disagree with this point of view are being stupid or blind. They've read the same books and seen the same movies you have. They just put a different (and equally valid) interpretation of things - and they also include things just made up and things out of context, in the same proportion, and they shouldn't think you're blind or stupid, either. It does go both ways.

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