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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Writing projects

Yes, I am writing.

I'm in the middle of two Smallvilles now - one with saraid and one by myself. That one is sort of an AU - what if Clark didn't want to take Chloe to the dance?

Although I do think Clark and Chloe are adorable together.

And I have a long Buffy and two long XF fermenting. And a TS as well.


And I have [...] two long XF fermenting.

I mentioned to Mary Ruth Keller just after the cancellation that I was hoping my favorite XF writers (as well as myself!) would get motivated now that there wasn't anything his heinous could do to mess with our stories. It's so nice to see this actually occuring!


One got inspired by a case I read about in the news - a case that just sounded like an XF. I'm setting it three years ago, but I've figured out a way to work Doggett in - he was the one bright spone in the last couple of years. The other was directly inpsired by the last episode. Which was the first one I've watched in a year. Ah, Krycek.

But, yes. Be nice to write something that makes sense and not have Mr. Carter mess it up.

A TS story! Hooray!


It's been a while since I've worked in the main TS universe, hasn't it? Let's hope I keep them in character.

And Jim out of eyemakeup.