Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I am getting old.

I've had the first hints of it lately - not the increased creakiness of my joints, or the occasional gray hair, or even the Type II Diabetes.

No, it's worse than that.

I've been doing some handsewing recently - I had to sew the blue stripes onto my grey belt and I had to move the buttons on my blue suit. That requires threading a needle.

Threading needles has never been a problem for me. I'm near-sighted, after all, so focusing on the little eye is simple.

Not any more. One of the reasons I put off moving those buttons was because it was getting very frustrating - I could not get the thread in the eye no matter what.

But it had to be done - the suit jacket swam on me and the seven year old in my pakua class wanted to see my new stripes on the belt.

I had to take off my glasses, close my good eye (my right eye is 20/150, my left is 20/300, and that hasn't changed in over twenty years - and that statement also makes me feel old.) and squint the bad one. Then it was easy as ever.

I'm losing flexiblity, I guess. Or something. I see bifocals in my near future.

I'm old.

(Oh, and someone on just asked who David Cassidy was. *Sigh*)
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