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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Is anyone else getting email notifications from comments made over a month ago?

ETA: At this point, I have 8 comments to this post, but I've only been notified of five. Make of that what you will.



I did too.


I thought it was just me:)

Just did, yeah.

I just got about 20 requests for a pattern I mentioned in January of 2003.

Let's do the time warp again

Yes indeed.

I just got an old comment from 6/26 that I already had gotten back then.

Yeah, I've gotten four or five of them so far this evening.

I just today got a comment Shell made on June 27. So, yeah.

No old notifications, but for tonight I got one new notification but not two (new) others. I also have been unable to respond to a comment of yours (it says I don't have permission to read the entry, but apparently I did at one point 'cause your comment was in response to an earlier comment of mine).

That's because I made that post private. I'm sorry about that.

No problem; I was just thinking a bit more re the martial arts stuff.

Yes, I have!

it's not just you - I just got one from shell a few moments ago, from a post I made at the end of June.

My friend and I both. Drives me crazy because they're buried in my piled-up Yahoo! inbox and I have to go looking for them.

Yes. Looks like ones that never arrived before.

yes....and they're all old comments i've already seen

I got several June ones last night, and more this morning, too. Hmph.

I haven't been getting old ones. But I do often simply not receive notifications.

Now it's 18 comments. Hah.

MamaDeb speculated last night that this breakdown in the reply-notification mechanism may date back to the Denial of Service attacks, which is why June notices are finally showing up. Is there some way to notify the software team?

There was a post, I think in lj_maintenance, about three weeks ago saying that they had found out where the missing notifications were going and don't be surprised if you see some old notices. (I'm not sure why it took another few weeks for things to start flowing.) So they know; they're flushing a queue somewhere.