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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So. I'm wearing the new progressive lenses.

My eyes feel funny. It took me a week to really get used to highly refractive lenses. How long until I get used to seeing things differently when I move my head?


I got used to mine really fast, if memory serves me. I got progressive lenses two years ago, and it's made a world of difference to me. I get kind of queasy if I move my head up and down really fast, but I don't do that often, for obvious reasons. :g:

Thing of it is, my close up vision wasn't that bad, or I didn't think so.

We will see.

When I got my first set of progressives, my optometrist warned me to expect disorientation. He was right. I had bouts of not-quite-vertigo (Why is the aisle of the supermarket moving?) intermittently for about two weeks, IIRC.

Ah. Good job I got them a couple weeks before a long road trip, then.

Oddly enough, the disorientation never happened when I was driving, that I can remember. It was always things like standing in a grocery store aisle or something. Never outside that I can recall.

Maybe the flourescents had something to do with it.

I don't know how long it takes, because - once again - I chickened out and ordered regular distance lenses. The thing is that I usually wear contacts and glasses are just my emergency back up. I can't imagine wearing progressive lenses often enough to actually get used to them.

I've kissed contacts good-bye. Not that I ever wore them much, but now if I do, I have to also wear reading glasses.

So, no point.

Honestly, some people never adjust to progressives. Have you ever had normal bifocals? My understanding is that people who are used to "line" bifocals have an extremely difficult time adjusting to progressives and their vision swims most of the time. I've worn bifocals on and off since I was five years old and when I was 17 or 18, I tried progressives for several months without being able to ever really focus in on anything (good thing I didn't get my driver's license until I was 23, huh?). Other people adjust immediately, and still others take 6-8 weeks. So really, only time (and your patience level) will tell how long it will take.

Sorry there's no better answer...

These are my first bifocals ever, so I don't have that problem.

It's not swimming so much as getting used to the changes in focus. So far, I've had no problems working.

if it doesn't work for you after some more time adjusting, you could try the lined bifocals. The reason I say that is that there is a more distinct break between distance and reading portions of lined bifocals.

I got progressives at the beginning of this year. It took me just about a week to function well in them, a little longer to forget I have them. I am so glad I got them (and got used to them) before I started this job -- lots of editing and proofing on screen and off would have been tough. The best part is I can sew again without constant squinting and cursing.

The only time I remember I have them now is when I try to glance hard sideways without turning my head, but I unconsciously correct for the progressives almost all of the time.

I have heard that people who are highly myopic may find they're better off with classic bifocals or the dreaded glasses switch. Good luck!

I'm not highly myopic, just fairly. :) Also, the difference isn't extreme yet - remember, the big problem was not being able to thread a needle. So, I have hope.