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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Security Meme

Got this from stakebait:

This post suggests we do something very important - create a backdated *private* post - date it before your first entry - with your full name, phone number(s), address and date of birth, and leave a note in your userinfo.

I have done so.

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I must say I don't see the point of this. Are you sure it isn't a hoax? Can you explain to me a bit how it would help? I went and checked the post you linked to, but if I'm not planning on announcing an intention to kill myself, and don't make phone posts (so there's no chance that one could be interrupted by a violent attacker), I don't see how having personal information on my livejournal could save my life.

In the case of emergency, I doubt that my first move would be to post to my livejournal. And by the time anyone checked the information, wouldn't it be too late to help?

If you read the linked post - I can't see it being something I'd need either, but apparently, they have heard people being attacked during phone posts (4 million users. Things statistically can happen.) And people have also posted suicide notes. Since I don't phone post and I have no plans on being suicidal (Gd forbid!), it's of limited utility. However, my information is all public anyway, so for me it's not a problem.


In case of emergency?

it doesn't seem like it'd be too useful. i mean....who could get into it? the idea scares me a little

If you make it a private post, only admins can get into it. (And people with good hacking skills - nothing is truly private on the Web.) It's not an issue with me since I use my real name anyway. It might be for others.

I gotta agree with the naysayers. It ain't that I have anything to hide, more that I don't like to have a lot of my personal info--things like phone numbers, addresses, and birthdates (birthdate? Why the hell would a cop need that?) up where a hacker could get them. Why don't I put my social security number and mother's maiden name up there while I'm at it...

I've already had two unpleasant experiences with stalkers through lj. Not dangerous, just weird. One of them was a hacker, and was inordinately proud of the way he'd circumvented normal channels to find me. Seemed to think that made him more attractive. And I already have more of my personal info online than I'd like. That stuff is difficult to impossible to have removed once you put it up there.

Seems to me that my chances of getting in trouble and needing a cop while on lj are a whole lot slimmer than they are IRL. For me, the potential risks of having the info up there are outweighed by the possible benefits.