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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

If I'd had a child when I'd started in fandom...

He or she would be fifteen now and in high school.

When I began, most fanfic could still be found only in zines.


Me too! Actually, if I'd had a child when I'd started in fandom I'd have been a statistic, and not the good kind, because I was 13 at my first con...

Oh, I would have been quite normal. I was on my way to 26 at the time.

I started late.

me too

I would have been a scary statistic - I was not quite 11 at my first con (Lunacon, and I got a stuffed animal fire lizard for my upcoming birthday *g*).

Re: me too

Correction: if I'd had a child when I'd started in fandom, he/she would be at least part-way through college now, or possibly graduated. Yikes!

Hee! Me, too - I was 11 at my first convention.

Remind me to interview you if I ever get to do a doctoral thesis. ;-)

I stumbled over fandom quite by accident about the second or third time I ever used the Internet (ought to be back in -98 or thereabout; I was very stubborn about staying netless). Before that, I'd write what I didn't know was fanfic, and display fannish behaviour with my friends, but most organized fans I'd heard of seemed to be into either SF or elves, and I was neither.

So when I started researching and realized that there had been a broad variety of interests even before the move online, I felt somewhat cheated. Still, better late than never! :-)

It took me a very long time to figure out what "zines" meant. Now I feel stupid.

I was something around 13 when I went to my first science fiction convention. But I didn't write fanfic until about 4 years ago when I was 33 and discovered Pokemon. (I kid you not, Pokemon... still have a site of many fics up)

I'm dating from my first SF convention. I started writing fanfic seven years ago. Excuse me. I started writing fanfic other people could read seven years ago. I started writing fanfic when I was eleven.

I'm not counting the horrible Star Trek self-insert fic my friend and I threw together at around that age. Even at the time we'd have died if anyone had seen it. (She got Kirk, I got Spock... oh nevermind)