Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

General Whinging

I am not happy at the moment.

I have a pounding headache that seems in equal part bad sleep, the new glasses (I'm adjusting, but sometimes it's still not great), some hunger and the bitchy new agent.

I have a container of mixed nuts so I'm not starving or anything, and the rest of lunch is a cup o'ramen anyway. But I'm alone in the office, so I don't get any time *off*. I mean, I start two weeks off tomorrow, so it's not desperate, but *I* am.

And bitchy agent...We still have signs on buildings that are in contract and therefore unavailable. People call in about them, and office policy is for the receptionist (me) not to give them any information but rather to take their names and numbers and give that to an agent ("assigning" them.) The agent then calls them back and maybe finds a way to make a sale anyway. Or not.

I give bitchy agent an "up" - a customer - for one of those properties. And she says, off-handedly, "That's not available, so I won't call them back."

When agents do that, the customers tend to call back. And back and back. And complain loudly to the person on the other side of the phone (me) that the office is being unprofessional and that they won't use us again. And I make promises and apologies.

So I asked her to please call back, and she responds, "*Debra*." Like I was a child, and didn't know what I was doing and it wasn't my business. And she's defended = "She's a professional and she knows how to do this. And she's an independent contractor." Except that not calling back will affect the entire office. And I'm *not* an independent contractor.

I swear I was fighting back tears. Which is probably an overreaction, but there it is.

And if she was joking, as another agent suggested - still not very professional.

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