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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I have an Order of the Phoenix question.

What broom did Ginny fly in OotP?

Evidence from the books says that there aren't school issued brooms for Quidditch teams - and that school brooms for general use are not very good - are, in fact, quite bad. When Harry is forced to use one in book 3, it barely gets off the ground. If there were team brooms available, Harry would have had one.

So far as I can see, the only team brooms are for Slytherin, and they were purchased (for whatever reason) by Lucius.

Ron needs his broom; the twins and Harry's brooms have been confiscated and locked up. She's not a prefect (yet - I suspect she's getting a badge along with her school letter) so she's gotten no special present from Mum.

What are her choices?

1. School broom. Old and bad.
2. Borrowed broom (spare from teammate or borrowed from Housemate who is not on the team and doesn't mind it being risked.)
3. Handmedown broom, probably Charlie's. Old but probably in good shape. Get Mum to owl it to her. However, that probably wouldn't happen until she got the position.
4. Team bands together to buy her one.

I'm leaning towards a combination of 2 for the tryouts and 3 for the playing.

Any other ideas?


I think your theory makes the most sense. Doubt it was 1 for the same reason you do, and 4 sounds too elaborate.

(I thought Lucius purchased the team brooms to get them to take Draco as Seeker? Or are you saying there's something else going on?)

Lucius purchased the team brooms to get them to take Draco as Seeker

That is what Harry, Hermione, and Ron assumed. That doesn't make it necessarily true. We don't know - we aren't told, from Harry's point of view - why they were purchased.

*nodnod* Yeah that's what I thought was meant. I guess I always did think it was true... yet there are many possibilities really. Besides, Draco can fly pretty well.

We don't really know, as Iro says. I happen to think there's something else going on, because it's clear that Draco is, in fact, an excellent Seeker.

Perhaps there was already another Seeker on the team - that their Seeker from the year before had still not left school. Perhaps Lucius wanted the other team, and thus their fathers, in his debt as well as wanting to insure Draco's place on the team.

Perhaps he wanted to mess with his son's head. Draco, after all, will never know if he would have gotten on in his own merit, and it will always be something he can hang over his son's head when he loses to Harry in their single game each year.

(In the best light, he gave the brooms as a gift after Draco made the team in his own merits, but this is least likely just from Lucius' character - he doesn't give anything for nothing. He gives for power and as bribes.)

Draco is a good Seeker. He's just not Harry.

I rather expect Lucius was aware of something we're not. If the Beaters and Chasers don't have good brooms Draco won't be able to play his best because he'll be too busy thinking about Bludgers, among other things.

He may be one of the Designated Bad Guys, but he's also one of the only parents that seems to worry what goes on at that death trap of a school.

I'd go with 1, followed by 3. She got the position on one of the lousy school brooms, then started tearing at her hair and wrote to Charlie or Bill saying, "I can't possibly do Gryffindor any good on that broom." (Charlie would be passionately interested; Bill might have the money to buy her a new one.)

If she got the position on one of the school brooms, she had to be amazing. Especially since she doesn't even really want to be a Seeker.

Given that brooms're the only effective transportation available to 4th years, I imagine it was a handmedown.

Heh. This conversation just inspired a plotbunny where Luna gives Ginny a broom...would you mind if I had a shot at writing it? I'd credit you for giving me the idea. :)

(So yeah, my answer to the question would be 2) ;)

The Weasley boys all seem protective of their sister. I think Gred & Forge got her a nice broom with some of the money Harry left them. Probably not a top notch one, but maybe a Cleansweep like Ron's.