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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I'm about to go to worldcon. We're leaving this morning instead of last night because Jonathan's parents, whom we are visiting before driving to Boston, have a day full of meetings and such and anyway, we saw quite a lot of them last week (although, given the reason and all, that was not a happy thing.)

I'm taking a fair bit of you off my default list because I'll be gone with uncertain computer availability for a week and a half - and Shabbat leaves me going skip=200 on my flist.

So for everything I'll probably miss, I'm very sorry.

Play nice and much love.

Have a great time!

I'm envious. There's way too much going on at my work right now to take time off. I'm glad you got vacation time! }B-)

Have buckets of fun! Wish I was going. Ah well, perhaps next year...

Oh do enjoy! I haven't been to Worldcon in 20 years! *wish she had a good science-fiction icon to send you off with, but you'll have to settle for dear Walter -- well, he likes Dune and Star Wars in canon.*

No worries, if something happens that I think you absolutely *must* know about, I'll drop you a link. I'm at skip=980 if I'm gone for more than 2 days and I just tell people to link me when I get back.

Have fun!


Have a great time, MamaDeb!

BTW, I'll be up in NYC the last week of October & the first week of November. Wanna meet?

Holly Kim

Yay worldcon! (...maybe I'll even see you there. because of course worldcon has so few attendees that I'm able to see, and talk to, every single one... </tongue-in-cheek>)