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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

We are home, with many more books, a few more t-shirts and buttons and an original oil painting that has eaten up our art budget for the near future but is worth every penny.

More later.


Hey! Do you guys have a spare room or an extra couch? I know you live over in Flat Bush (I actually stayed in your old neighborhood of Flat Bush because I was talking about rooming with Larry from your old shul. He didn't want me as a roommate because I had cats and he was afraid that the cats wouldn't mingle) and I'm in Crown Heights and the 770 crowd is driving me crazy. I want to find a non-chabad shul in this neighborhood or around it - barring that a Chabad shul that isn't messianic. But I would also like to just get out of this place for Shabbos.

It's a beautiful apartment and the best I could find on short notice but I'm just not into Chabad (although I thought I could be ok with Chabad since I know all the Lubavitchers in Minnesota and they are cool)

I'd have to talk to my husband. Flatbush certainly has shuls that aren't Chabad. :)

oy, thank you adding me back! I hope, it wasn't very rude from me to add you as a friend, but you are wonderful. wish I could cook half as creative as you, and could paricipate in community life half as devoted as you. :}