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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Happy Birthday, Justacat!

Name a pairing.


Oh, thank you! And you know my first choice pairing these days is always Bodie/Doyle ... but if that doesn't work, I never ever ever say turn my nose up at F/K :-D


Bodie/Doyle isn't possible. I'm sorry. I haven't seen an episode of Pros yet.

F/K, however, will do fine. :) Anything special you'd like to see?

*pokes you* Hi! These are fun, aren't they? I don't seem to be getting the updates but my list tends to announce their own birthdays. Did one so far and it went fine, plus I have a backup of "barely missed" ones.

Except my last picked Sirius/Remus and I'm worried whatever I do will have been done 92384075 times and I don't have time to read up and find out for sure... but we'll see. Heh.

(And then there's "please write me the aftermath of Milly/Midvalley/Wolfwood." I know, you don't know who they are but it's scary.)