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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yom Tov Cookery

My guest list is set - friend from shul the first night; my mother, her boyfriend and another friend from shul the second night.

Menus: Wednesday night
Gefilte fish
Chicken noodle soup
Challah stuffing

Thurs lunch:
Tuna salad

Thurs dinner
pot roast
veggies from pot roast
honey cake

Friday lunch

Shabbat dinner:

Shabbat lunch
Leftovers part deux

Cooking schedule:

Making the chicken soup *now*. Will cook the pot roast tomorrow night, and possibly the fish. Make the stuffing/kugel on Tuesday night *after* my Pakua evaluation (not ready for blue belt yet, but hey.) or on Wednesday. Turkey gets cooked on Wednesday. Get bread and honey cake then.

Looking at that, it's actually doable. Huh.


We will be in NYC for part of Rosh Hashanah (getting in late Thursday, leaving early Saturday). If it doesn't offend you and Jonathan that we are doing the traveling on Yom Tov and Shabbat thing, we would love to stop by and say hi, but if it would make you uncomfortable or you're too busy, that's okay too.

Please, stop by. We'd love to see you.

Okay, we'll see how overscheduled our Friday gets. :)

Wow, Shana Tova.

Not sure yet what I'm doing... the three-day thing is too scary for words. But glad you'll be having some yummy food.

Three days. Yeah. It's doable.

Oh, man, reading this makes me wish I was home for my mother's cooking for the holidays. And that my grandmother was still alive and taking over the kitchen, too.

I still absolutely can't pass up Passover at home. Tradi-SHUN!

you know how to make honey cake? wow.

I don't make honeycake. I don't bake at all - I'm a *cook*. I toss things in pots and measure by feel, taste and eye. So I can follow a recipe and even modify it a little, but I don't enjoy measuring things with spoons and cups.

My mother is buying the honeycake.


I am looking for a recipe for one, preferably the one I ate growing up, which was Greek, but if it tasted the same I wouldn't care!

But really I'm not looking all that hard, because I could probably find one on the internet. Silly Kiri. I think I'll do that today.

I can cook and I can bake, but I do have a Percy-like degree of anal-retentiveness sometimes. Don't you find that you need to do measuring when you're making things like white sauce?

White sauce is about the only time I *do* measure. I even use a timer to make sure I cook the roux properly. And that's not as exact a science as you might think - more butter or oil won't hurt it.