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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

We had an evaluation tonight. I went to support otherdeb and Leah, who are in my class. As a grey belt, I don't get a new belt until I finish my Improvement classes - only four more to go.

So. There was much confusion because neither Leah nor I would spar with men and we had to keep being shifted, but otherwise it went well. Deb is now a yellow belt and Leah, who was a green, is now a grey. This is what I was hoping.

I got a third blue stripe, which was pretty much the most I was expecting, so I'm happy. I'm not ready for blue and I know it.

But congratulations to my classmates. :)

Current Mood: thrilled

Though I continue to be appalled at the speed of your school's rank progression: congratulations. :-)

Congratulations all around.