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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Last post for three days

It's 6:00.

My turkey is on the counter. My noodles are cooked (those that survived the noodle spill - most of them.) My soup is slowly simmering its way into liquid again.

This is probably the best chicken soup I've made in years. 1. Instead of being dumb and frugal and using just bones, I used a mixture of bones and wings. It came out of the fridge properly gelatinous. 2. Sheerly by mistake, I put allspice in the bouquet garne'. I thought they were peppercorns. It's really lovely.

Challah kugel (aka the stuffing that didn't fit in the bird) and fish are out of the oven. Lights are partially set.

Table is trebly covered - table pads, white tablecloth and plastic over that. My challah board is on top, and my candles are ready. In about ten minutes, I'm going to take a shower and clean the bathroom a little and put on something pretty but comfortable, since we do have a guest..

The rugs are vacuumed.

I don't know where my machzor is, but that's okay. Jonathan does.

I have printed out much fic.


May the next thirteen months be a time of joy and sweetness for all of you.

And if I have offended any of you by word or deed, whether I'm aware of it or not, I beg your forgiveness.


Mutual. And shanah tovah, too. :)

L'shanah tovah

May you be inscribed for a good year.

"It is by forgiving that we are forgiven."

Blessings on you and yours, both near and far away.

L'shanah tovah!